Watch: "Mussels in a Nutshell! Paddy Meets Marie-Mae the Hickorynut Mussel"

Posted on: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

New video from Kidoons!

Paddy is working on his dam when he gets a message from Captain Nemo: there’s a colony of endangered hickorynut mussels in the Ottawa River! Paddy takes a dive and meets Marie-Mae. She tells him all about the hickorynut, and why they are in danger of extinction. Along the way, we meet Stewie the lake sturgeon, whose life cycle is intertwined with the hickorynut, and whose species is also under threat. Paddy discovers how interconnected the river ecosystem is, and how Riverkeepers and New Atlanteans are helping preserve Marie-Mae, Stewie, and other important species.

This video was created in partnership with Kidoons, Ottawa Riverkeeper, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Canadian Museum of Nature, Cabela’s Outdoor Fund, The MacLean Foundation, in association with The 20K Collective.

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